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The perfect equipment of City Shine guarantees excellent results, which ensure high cleanliness and hygiene.

All the cleaning products we use are completely safe for humans and environmentally friendly, while at the same time ensuring the best results (Clouding / spraying of disinfectant liquid using fogger, telescopic carbon fiber rods).

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    CityShine offers comprehensive cleaning services that cover both the general cleaning of a home and a business.

    Boat cleaning

    Boat cleaning

    Υπηρεσίες καθαρισμού κτιρίων

    Apartment cleaning

    Υπηρεσίες καθαρισμού κτιρίων

    Apartment Cleaning (and Airbnb type)

    Υπηρεσίες καθαρισμού κτιρίων

    Exterior cleaning of glass - Glass buildings

    Cleaning windows is not an easy task, as it requires special handling, well-equipped workshop, specialized staff and of course the right tools and the right cleaners for the best possible result.

    Specialized cleaning solutions for business and home!

    We provide professional cleaning and disinfection services for any type of business space regardless of size. (office buildings, chain stores, hospitals, shopping malls, distribution centers, industrial spaces, educational spaces, workbenches, etc.).

    Υπηρεσίες καθαρισμού κτιρίων
    Υπηρεσίες καθαρισμού κτιρίων

    Initial - General cleaning

    The initial cleaning of a building is the most important, since when done correctly it highlights its beauty and reveals possible mistakes and omissions.


    Our core values

    Best cleaning services

    With over 20 years of experience cleaning everything from homes to offices, you can trust us with your health and safety.